Possum Removal

Possum Removal

Possum Removal Service in Melbourne
At Prime Pest Solutions, our technicians are qualified and licensed to provide possum elimination and pest control to Melbourne residents and businesses. Possum removal service removes the possums from residential and commercial properties using humane trapping and relocation techniques.

We will not kill possums from your property. Removing possums is illegal and inhumane. Our comprehensive and reliable possum removal and exclusion methods allow homeowners and business owners to keep their roofs clean. You can count on us to ensure the integrity of your grooves, grooves, and related structures.

The benefits of possum removal include: –

  • Preventing damage to property, such as insulation, walls, and wiring.
  • Protecting gardens and crops from being eaten or destroyed.
  • Preventing the spread of diseases, such as leptospirosis, that possums may carry.
  • Reducing the noise that possums make in yards and on roofs.
  • Preventing the possums from entering homes and other buildings.
  • Reducing the risk of animal attacks, since possums can become aggressive if cornered or threatened.

Our Possum Management Process

The Possum Removal Inspection of buildings to identify potential entry holes, including assessment of building perimeter and thorough inspection of building roofs.

Possum entrances are sealed with galvanized mesh, tin, or aluminum sheets. Silicone sealant can also be used if desired. A one-way possum door is installed so that the possum can exit the building but cannot re-enter it. Doors are custom made or tailored to specific building requirements.

When the possum is eliminated from the building, the door is removed and the hole is plugged.
Permanently open areas such as underbody are excluded unless otherwise noted by our engineers.
In urban areas he has two types of possums.

Types Of Possum

The common bush possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) is about the size of a cat. It has large pointed ears, gray fur, and a bushy black tail. A brushtail possum has one of her cubs born in the fall or spring. The baby spends about 6 months in the pouch and is weaned from her mother’s back from 7 months until she leaves her body cavity from 16 months. ride on the

The giant possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) is much smaller, about half the size of a cat. They have rounded ears, gray backs with rusty sides, and curled white-tipped tails. There are 1-3 young, usually twins, born in the fall or winter. Ringtail possums usually build a twig and leaf nest called a dray several feet above the ground. These rarely step on roofs.


Possum removal services provide an important role in pest control and wildlife management. Possums are a common nuisance animal in residential and commercial settings, and these can cause a variety of damage.

We provide a safe and humane way to remove possums from a property and prevent them from coming back. This can help reduce the spread of disease, protect property, and prevent damage to the environment.


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