Bird Control

Bird Control

Bird Control in Melbourne

Home and business owners can count on the team at Prime Pest Solutions to provide a comprehensive, bespoke bird control near me the solution for their property. We are fully licensed in Melbourne’s bird control near me for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a customized plan to keep your building pest-free.


Bird control near me service is important because it helps to protect people and property from the health and safety risks associated with pests birds. Bird droppings can contain a variety of dangerous pathogens that could potentially lead to diseases and other illnesses.

In addition, birds can cause property damage to roofs, siding, and other structures. Bird control near me services help to reduce the risk of illness and damage by providing humane, effective, and long-term solutions.

Why Bird Control And Bird Management Are Important?

Birds, bird droppings, and nesting materials transmit infectious diseases and parasites. Bird droppings are highly acidic and can stain or attack building materials.
When birds nest in warehouses, they can contaminate food production and inventories. Cleaning up bird droppings on a regular basis can cost businesses thousands of dollars each year.

Bird nests clog gutters and drains. Longer birds may nest or roost in undesirable locations. Getting them to leave becomes more difficult. Proactive pest control Point Cook is essential.

Removal of Bird Nests

Bird Infestations also Encourage Many other Pests such as Flies, Fleas, etc., But the Most Common are Poultry Ticks. Some Methods of Bird Management and Bird Elimination That We Use Are: –

  • Bird net
  • Bird tips
  • Bird trap
  • Bird removal
  • Bird control
  • Bird protection

What Can I Do to Get Rid of Birds?

Prime Pest Solutions is qualified to remove pests when they nest in your home or building. Remove nesting material along with any birds that can be salvaged from the nest.
Once the nest is removed, fumigate the area to kill the bird mites. After the roof is restored, the site will be checked to ensure that no birds enter.

Bird Mites

Human contact usually occurs during spring and summer when birds enter roof voids and nest through broken bricks or through unprotected eaves of houses, factories, barns, and other dwellings. Occurs later. However, pests can also come from birds that perch outside your home, such as window sills and awnings.

Mites feed on both featherless chicks and adult birds. The large amount of nesting material used by birds provides an ideal environment for ticks to thrive. They have a short life cycle (about 7 days) and can quickly produce large populations.

When a young bird leaves the nest or dies, large numbers of mites or ticks (often tens of thousands) are left behind without a suitable host and disperse from the nest into the home in search of new hosts.

Process of Bird Control

  1. Inspection: We will first inspect the property to identify areas that may be attractive to birds and any existing bird problems.
  2. Bird Proofing: Depending on the type of bird and the severity of the problem, the service provider may suggest one or more bird-proofing techniques such as netting, spikes, and other deterrents.
  3. Removal: If necessary, our service provider may remove any existing birds from the property in a humane manner.
  4. Clean Up: We will then clean up any bird droppings, feathers, and other debris that may have been left behind.
  5. Maintenance: Our team may also recommend a regular maintenance program to ensure that bird problems do not recur in the future.

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