Flea Control

Flea Control

Flea Treatment in Melbourne East Suburbs

Getting rid of fleas in your home is best left to the professionals. Often homeowners try to do a DIY flea control on her with a product such as a flea bomb. This type of control will not eliminate flea infestations in most situations.

At Prime Pest Solutions, we provide thorough testing and treatment targeting the source of fleas inside and outside your home. Fleas can spread disease and parasites, cause itching and irritation to both pets and humans, and contaminate carpets, bedding, and furniture. Additionally, flea infestations can be difficult to eliminate without professional help, and the fleas can quickly return if the area is not treated properly. We help keep your home and family safe from these pests by eliminating them and preventing them from returning.

How do You Treat Fleas?

Effective Flea Control Depends on an Integrated Suite of Control Techniques and the Use of Products Such As: –

  • Conduct a thorough inspection to find and identify sources of fleas inside and outside your home.
  • Use of insect growth regulators that interfere with the normal development of fleas from eggs to adults.
  • Use a vacuum to physically remove all flea stages from carpets, floors, furniture, and pet litter areas.
  • To kill fleas, use carpet cleaners and wash and dry pet litter frequently.

Owners are often frustrated with efforts to treat flea infestations. The pupal or cocoon stage of the life cycle (see below) is resistant to all insecticides and thus cannot control flea populations.

The usual failure scenario is that the owner treats the fleas and the fleas come back within a few weeks. This is because new adults emerge from insecticide-resistant cocoons.

Flea infestations require an integrated treatment regimen. Dealing with a pet infestation or individual flea bites alone is not effective in getting fleas out of your home. It should be performed not only inside and outside of your pet but also with your pet. 

How Does Prime Pest Solutions Flea Treatment help?

Backed by industry veterans with decades of experience, our team can eradicate infestations with just a few simple treatments. Despite our best efforts, we are uncompromising and are always looking for new precautions and evacuation strategies to keep our homes safer for longer.

Our Professionals Take Care of the Most Annoying Bugs as Soon as You Call a Pest Control Expert. Our Treatment Begins With the Following Stages: –

  • Our first inspection looks for signs of pest activity throughout the yard. These include flea, tick nests, and other signs of infection.
  • Once a pest threat has been identified, our staff can begin implementing effective treatment procedures. Together with you and your family, we carefully consider strategies to ensure your chosen treatment fits your lifestyle
  • To get rid of ticks and fleas, start with indoor and outdoor remedies. We are careful not to hurt children, the elderly, pets, and other important people and animals.

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